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PORLOCK  Hill Climb Go-Ride
The Merlins Go Rides are  group races for young riders from the Hill Climb start to the Toll Gate, following the route of the main event. Races are categorised by age and started in waves from 11.45am. Entry to the races can be made on the day at Event HQ or please contact barnaby.wright@btconnect.com for further information and keep an eye on the Minehead Merlins facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MineheadMerlins/
Under 8's Girls Pos Name Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Bonita Waddams (Minehead Merlins) 2nd Georgia Mahoney (Taw Velo) 3rd Franny Wright (Minehead Merlins) 4th Otter Ley (Runnymede Rockets) 5th Asta Myram 6th Flora Gell 7th Emily Sparks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under 8's Boys Pos Name Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Louis Wright (Minehead Merlins) 2nd Paddy Hazeldine 3rd Luke Reeder (Minehead Merlins) 4th Kye Rowlinson (Mendip CC) 5th Michael Myram 6th Elijah Macriner 7th Efrem Hazeldine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under 10's Girls Pos Name Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Maisie Sparks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under 10's Boys Pos Name Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Joseph Wright (Minehead Merlins) 2nd Ben Coppola (Hillingdon Slipstreamers) 3rd Reu Walter (Minehead Merlins) 4th Noah Thomas (Exeter Wheelers) 5th Jacob Myne (Minehead Merlins) 6th Jack Dayer 7th Francis Caswell (1st Chard Wheelers) 8th Morgan Wild (Minehead Merlins) 9th Luke Mahoney (Taw Velo) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Under 12's Girls Pos Name Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Maisie Fry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under 12's Boys Pos Name Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Shawn Duffield (North Devon Wheelers) 2nd Jacob Thomas (Exeter Wheelers) 3rd William Dibble (Minehead Merlins) 4th Finlay Webb (Exeter Wheelers) 5th Fin Walter (Minehead Merlins) 6th Piers De Voil (BAD tri) 7th Jake Thomas (Minehead Merlins) 8th Harry Reeder (Minehead Merlins) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under 14's Boys Pos Name Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Daniel Godfrey (Minehead Merlins) 2nd Ben Woodland (North Devon Wheelers) 3rd Dylan Leonard 4th Bill Morley (Minehead Merlins) 5th Samuel Cox (Somerset Road Club) 6th Max Wombwell 7th Ben Dayer 8th Oli Atkins (Minehead Merlins) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under 16's Boys Pos Name Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Jack Courtney (Minehead Merlins) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best local First School riders: Girls: Bonita Waddams    Boys: Louis Wright Best local Middle School riders: Girls: Maisie Sparks/ Maisie Fry        Boys: Joseph Wright
Event Secretary: Louise Crossman, Court Place, Withycombe, Minehead TA24 6QB   T: 07974  578820
Hill Climb PORLOCK minehead CYCLING CLUB
Minehead Cycling Club regret to announce that the 2019 Porlock Hill Climb has been cancelled. We appreciate that participants, supporters and spectators alike will be disappointed, however the Club has reluctantly taken this decision as our resources are stretched at the moment and we are unable to give the event the attention it deserves. We would like to take this time to review and refresh the event for 2020, and with this in mind we are open to any and all offers of support to help plan, promote, deliver and participate in a re-launched Porlock Hill Climb 2020. If you have the passion and drive to help us take this forward please contact the Club Secretary via e mail at secretary@minehead.cc in the first instance."
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