Porlock Hill Climb information 2019
Porlock is an attractive Exmoor village nestling between the high moor and the sea with a variety of great hill climbs close to hand. For the connoisseur, Porlock Toll Road is fine wine offering an alpine style classic climb with 4.2 miles of constant 5-6% ascent. Add to that the glimpsed, spectacular views of the Bristol Channel and surrounding country and you’re in Hill Climber’s heaven. The Porlock Hill Climb is not just a race but a community event supported by the village. Minehead CC is indebted to the Porlock community for their support on the day. Porlock Ladies will once again be feeding everybody, and Porlock Recreation Ground provides parking and showers. Finally the Village Hall hosts the event headquarters. The vocal support for the riders will come from Minehead Cycling Club friends and supporters, locals and holidaying visitors alike. The Toll Road offers some exciting racing where 2017’s National Mens Hill Climb Champion, Dan Evans and 2018 Welsh Hill Climb, Champion Ed Laverack, were denied first place by Mid Devon CC’s Charlie Meredith, reordering the placings from the previous year. Mid Devon CC’s talent pool also shone in the ladies race where Lauren Dolan demonstrated she is an U23 rider to watch out for. However this event is not just about the overall winners, a Hill Climb time trial is also an individual event where the nature of this climb offers something different to the shorter steeper efforts elsewhere. To help your preparation Past National Champion Tejvan Pettinger reviewed our first event in 2013 in his blog Cycling Uphill. Author of Greatest Cycling Climbs, Simon Warren, picks the Toll Road as one of his favourites and to get a taste of the action see John Grenfell’s video Porlock offers a variety of overnight accommodation, restaurants, cafes and other facilities to look after riders and their families during the event weekend. Details can be found on the Porlock village website www.porlock.co.uk/accommodation/offers.php or simply phone Porlock Visitor Centre (Tel: 01643-863150) who offer a wealth of knowledge and will be only too pleased to help you. For more information about the Toll Road see www.porlockmanorestate.org. The event is part of CTT West District Hard Riders series and we welcome participants in this challenge. Points are allocated to riders taking part in the series that include a number of hill climbs and time trial events during the season. For more information see  http://www.wtta-hardriders.org.uk and their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1465965716996852 Spot prizes: in 2018 we were excited that Exmoor food and drink producers provided prizes for the riders finishing 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th, 110th and 120th. We hope this support will be repeated this year.
The day itself is split into 2 distinct but linked events: Event 1: 9.30am   -   Porlock Toll Road Hill Climb - 4.2 miles in length with a generous prize fund across all categories. Event 2: 11.45pm  - Minehead Merlins Go Ride Races - 2 miles in length for various age groups up to 14 years. The Go Ride is the event for our future Olympic and World Champions to get a taste for the sport. Please, please, please stay on long enough to give them a Tour de France style send off at the start of their races. Just look at some of the pictures from last year to see how much it means us all and hopefully sometime in the future we will be able to say "I watched them when they were just a youngster" as they become the champions of the future. 1.00pm  -  Prize presentation for both events at HQ.
07974 578820
Event Secretary: Louise Crossman, Court Place, Withycombe, Minehead TA24 6QB   T: 07974  578820
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Minehead Cycling Club regret to announce that the 2019 Porlock Hill Climb has been cancelled. We appreciate that participants, supporters and spectators alike will be disappointed, however the Club has reluctantly taken this decision as our resources are stretched at the moment and we are unable to give the event the attention it deserves. We would like to take this time to review and refresh the event for 2020, and with this in mind we are open to any and all offers of support to help plan, promote, deliver and participate in a re-launched Porlock Hill Climb 2020. If you have the passion and drive to help us take this forward please contact the Club Secretary via e mail at secretary@minehead.cc in the first instance."